Behind CyberThreat

Find out more about what goes into making CyberThreat by meeting the developer and creative talents that have helped shape the game so far.

About the developer

  • Developer: Conor McKenna
  • Description: MSC Integrated Computer Science student in Trinity College, Dublin
  • Engine: Unity3D
  • Target Platforms: PC, PSVita, more TBD
  • Base of operations: Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland

  • CyberThreat is currently being solo developed by Conor McKenna in the Unity3D game engine. The game has been in production for over two years as of 30th April 2017.

    CyberThreat is being developed with the intention to bring the game to multiple different platforms if successful, including PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch upon successful acceptance as an approved developer, depending also on fan feedback and demand for each platform.

    Voice Cast

  • Male Protagonist: Griffin Puatu
  • Female Protagonist: Sara Secora
  • Zia Kierra: Cait Powers-Page
  • Adlai Aki: Connor Ludovice
  • EVE: Sara Secora
  • Kaori Delanna: Elissa Park
  • Charlotte Chastine: Victoria Wong
  • Sayuri Yoko: Kathy Pfautsch
  • Ethan Conroy: Michael Kovach
  • Henry Slone: Jace Willcutt
  • Randy Shepard: Ben Balmaceda
  • Hazel Maylis: Elsie Lovelock
  • Sarah Taylor: Libby Moffett
  • Rose Davin: Brittany Lauda
  • Byte Businessman: Thomas Evans

  • Click here to go to the game's IMDB page.


  • Rai
  • Rimuu
  • Rosuuri
  • Darranimations
  • Kururew
  • Mioch
  • Ferris
  • WhiterStar
  • Annabel-M
  • Cancan
  • x-SpookyBoo-x

  • Musicians

  • Conor McKenna
  • Van-Reeves
  • Richi3
  • Strayfe