Voice Acting in CyberThreat

The steps required for applying to voice in CyberThreat.

Next Round: Round 4
Early Access Start Date: TBA 2018
Start Date: TBA 2018

Not Currently Accepting Applications



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How to apply:

  • Fill out the form below with your email address.
  • Use the subject line "CyberThreat Round 3 - Application".
  • Send a friendly message with your demo reel included. Remember you're trying to sell yourself as someone easy to work with!
  • Don't change any of the preset fields otherwise your email will be filtered and may be missed!
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    You can also get in touch on social media:

    Facebook: CyberThreat

    Twitter: @CyberThreatGame

    YouTube: CyberThreatGames

    Tumblr: CyberThreat

    Reddit: /r/CyberThreat

    Instagram: CyberThreatGame

    Discord: CyberThreat Server