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Fact Sheet

Developer: Conor McKenna

Release Date: TBA 2018/2019

Platforms: PC, PSVita on successful funding, more TBA/TBC

Availability: Digital Distribution


CyberThreat is a Role Playing Game with a modern day setting, set in the fictional city of Edendale. You play as a young man or woman who has come to this city for their final year of study in school. In the meantime, a mysterious string of unsolved "disappearances" have been occurring throughout the city, where all the victims have had only one thing in common, being the victims of heinous cyberbullying. It is up to you and the colourful cast of memorable characters to try and put a stop to these evil deeds, but time is running out, and what happens when the focus of the cyberbullies is you?
Juggle day to day life with battling in the depths of cyberspace to save those you care about. Over the course of a year you'll attend class, hang out with your friends, play various minigames, battle dangerous enemies and powerful bosses, unlock an array of diverse abilities and find out along the way, that we are all connected.

Development Background:

CyberThreat is being solo developed by Conor McKenna, with external freelance artists and musicians contributing to the game on a per commission basis. CyberThreat is being built using Unity3D and has been in development since April 2015. CyberThreat is planned for release on multiple platforms depending on public interest and support, including PC and PS Vita.


  • A beautifully hand-crafted 3D world which comes alive through a dynamic calendar system.
  • A unique digital and modern style unlike any other.
  • A classic turn-based style RPG, with unique skills, that is accommodating to those looking for strategic thinking in battles, and for players who want a fair challenge.
  • A highly customisable main character, choose your stats, hacks and costumes, and take them into battle.
  • A huge cast of characters, each with their own story and chance to befriend and enter relationships with.
  • A story driven epic which takes place over the course of more than one year, filled with smaller episodes which take place during an over arching storyline.
  • Re-playability through 2 different viewpoints on the story and characters, thanks to a Male and Female protagonist.
  • High quality voice acting from fan favourites Sara Secora, Griffin Puatu and more.
  • Unique enemy design makes CyberThreat stand out from the crowd. Discover a wide array of deadly, cunning and just plain crazy viruses in the depths of the digital world.
  • Artwork by fan favourite artists Rimuu, Rai, Rosuuri, Mioch, Kururew and more, along with music written by Conor McKenna, Van Reeves, Richi3 and more.

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