CyberThreat’s Website – Future Updates

The last one kinda came out of nowhere, didn’t it?

If you’ve been following along with CyberThreat for a while, you’ll know there are few websites that change quite as much as this one does! Checking out old snapshots of the site using the Wayback Machine is a trip, check it out if you want:*/

With this iteration, I tried to simplify the website by making everything available on one page for the time being, not including articles. That’s right, this website layout too is just another stepping stone towards another iteration! In this post, I just wanted to layout some of the features I’ll be implementing, and some of the reasons for them. I know, not the most exciting blog post in the world, but if I can improve the site again I hope to give you even more reason to check it out every so often!

Contact Form

Important one to have, after a lot of spam started to get through to my email I had to shut down the previous contact form. It was strange though, these spammers were dedicated enough to fill out the captcha and all the required fields just to send some pretty obvious spam through. I was a little impressed honestly.

Anyway, a new and improved contact form is on the way, taking on a lot of feedback about the UX of the last one too (some people mentioned it wasn’t at all clear if the message had been sent, all will be addressed!). I’ll still require captchas and other required fields to minimize spam and any time wasters, but hope to still make it easier to get in touch overall.

Character Pages

One of my favourite website experiences of all time was way back during the lead up to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I remember checking the website daily for new character announcements, and getting so excited when new information was released, and that’s exactly what I hope to achieve with CyberThreat’s character pages!

Each character will have an individual page with a short description in future, to be released periodically. No spoilers of course, everything described will be told to you towards the start of meeting the characters in the game. I can’t wait to be able to share more about my favourite characters in the world with you! Until then, there may be some artwork teases along the way…

Now who could that be…?

Media Viewer

A proper way to view screens and videos without having to leave the page! Working on a nicer drop in window that’ll make it easier to see new screens and media as they come in.

And More!

More individual pages, more media to be shared, better layout of blog posts, etc. There’s a lot to be chipped away at, secondary to developing the game of course.

And that’s it for now! I wanted to write this piece since the last website update went by without me making much of a fuss of it. It’s fun to see the website grow as the game does, and as I do too as a developer and designer!

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Thanks as always for reading!