That’s write, it’s a Writing update!

Just a few more pages I swear…

When it came to starting work on CyberThreat, one of the main things I neglected to take as seriously as I should have was the writing. To the average sane person, it should be priority #1 number one for a text heavy RPG, right? Especially one where the story is told in a visual novel format… Right?

I hate to admit it, but I was very arrogant about the game’s story at first. “It’s fine, I know the story in my head, I’ll write it as I go”, etc. I’m sure you can tell why this was a pretty bad idea to say the least. Throw 20+ individual side character stories in and you’ve got a stew going! Wait no… You know what I mean.

CyberThreat’s story is something special. I promise that’s not arrogance, I can feel it that there’s a special story to be told here, it just needs to be done justice. Writing can be such a daunting task, the fear that I won’t be able to communicate the story the way it deserves is crippling at times. Sometimes it’s easier to take the “easy” way out and just keep chipping away at other parts of the game.

To actually be able to approach the story at all, it needs to be done in manageable chunks. As soon as I started writing out broad summaries of what happens for each character, and for the story overall, writing became so much easier and more inviting since I could see in text exactly what I wanted to accomplish. It’s still a tough task at times, but one that’s just as important as any other aspect of the game.

So the main take away from this piece (rant? vent? I don’t know what it is anymore!) is to not make my mistakes, and to treat writing in your games and projects as importantly as any other part of it. Summarize the story you want to tell and then flesh it out.

The point I wanted to get across in this post is one of reassurance to the many people waiting for the story to actually come together. (Hello Voice Actors, Translators and Story editor, I swear good things will be coming to your inboxes soon!) The side stories are better than ever, and a lot of them are coming towards their final states at last. The main story will take a little longer, but again is in a better state than ever before.

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